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April Fools: We Still Exist!:
By Da-Huntha on 1-4-2015

Haha! Wait...

10 Years:
By Da-Huntha on 23-8-2014

* Wakes up * Huh? Wha? 10 years? Wooooo.

Remember 5 years ago when we promised to rework the design? Yeah....
For the purpose of promising things and never deliver on them, we will promise that in the next 10 years we will probably redo the design again. maybe.

Slow Site:
By Da-Huntha on 18-8-2012

On some pages the site is very slow. We recently moved servers. No idea why it is happening! We're (probably) working on it.

Page style broken:
By Da-Huntha on 14-12-2010

We are aware that the page style is broken. We are (probably) working on it.

*Heavy ductaping*:
By Da-Huntha on 8-4-2010

As a result of a server crash IRCIdiots was down for over a week or so, but as you see it has been fixed. IRCIdiots took a little longer to bring back because the server upgrades broke IRCIdiots. It should all be fixed now!

If you still have some problems with the site, give a shout in the shoutbox.

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