"Enough with the silly quotes already!"

- Angela, totally not a chatbot

Oh hey, a visitor! Welcome! Unfortunately IRC idiots has closed down.

After years of keeping IRC idiots up it has become time to shut it down. Maintaining the site for all of the zero visitors we have takes up valuable time. And like with anything in life, if it bothers you, you either ignore it or deal with it. While visitors basically chose the first option, we have to chosen for the second.

Since 2004 IRC idiots has been a bash.org alternative for a tight knit community, recording all the dumb things they spat out. It started as an experiment back when we were kids. Since then the codebase hasn't been changed drastically. Now we've grown up and realize what a mess the codebase is. It's insecure and unmaintainable. In an age of ever increasing security threats and the fact that IRC idiots could be hacked by a dolphin, it is no longer responsible to keep the site up.

If we ever re-open our doors, we will do so with a drastically improved site (web 20.2?!) and better maintainable platform. But like with any promise made on IRC idiots, it will most likely not happen.

We would like to thank all of the visitors, quote submitters and crew members for their past interest in ircidiots and wish them all the best. Really, the internet is better off without all of these idiots!